I'm Franki, and I love crafting and creating. Knits, paper crafts, needle work, baking - these are the things that relax me, and things that can be enjoyed for little, or no money being spent.

Everything you see in this blog will be things that can be made from free finds, or things that can be acquired for mere pennies.  Hobbies shouldn't stress you out, and expensive hobbies will do just that if times are hard and money is tight.

I come from a very crafty, scrimp & save background, and I owe all this to my Mam. She always encouraged my creativity and when money was scarce the best toys and fancy dress costumes were the ones that my Mam made.

In between studying and working I love to make gifts for my friends and family. I also LOVE Halloween! It's the best day ever and I love to make my own costumes.

 I obsess about vintage items for the home, and the use of upcycling in interior design.  I'm an eclectic collector and an avid recycler.  I will share my tips and trend spots in all areas of crafting for the home or just for a project to help you relax, be creative and have fun.  

This is my beautiful Mama. A beautiful lamp is in the background that I now own but I'm going to have to get it re covered. I'll post when I have it all shiny and new!