Friday, 10 February 2012

Love in Pixel Form

This is an amazing idea from Kate Petty for a slightly more man-friendly valentine's card or if you need to give a card to the graphics geek in your life. The tutorial is outlined on Kate's awesome website called

Follow this link for the full tutorial.


I wish I could try this one out for myself but I've misplaced my craft knife! (crying)


  1. *squeak* Franki!? a new craft blog, AND you've got me on your blogroll :-) I'll link to you on my facebook page as a thankyou, keep it up girl!

    I love seeing real life people on the internet!

    xxx Samantha

  2. Yay Sam! I figured I make so much stuff I should do one of these doo dahs! And you inspired me to do one cause yours is so fun! xxx