Sunday, 5 February 2012

Valentine's Heart Brooch

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! So from now till good old V Day I'm going to post all lovey dovey related makes! This is a heart brooch I made for my friend Pheebs.

How To Make:

What you will need - Felt (I've used traditional red but any colour is super, choose a main colour and a contrasting colour),
Thread of contrasting and matching colours,
Pretty button,
Two types of pretty ribbon,
Brooch pin (available from haberdasheries),

Step 1: Cut out a heart shape from your chosen coloured felt. The best way to get this symmetrical is to fold the felt over and pin it together. Using the fold as the centre line draw half the heart with chalk. Cut this out making sure you cut through both layers of felt and you will have a perfect shaped heart.

Step 2: Using thread of a contrasting colour, sew detail on to the heart shape. I used running stitch tracing the outline of the heart shape in a pattern of interchanging colours.

Step 3: Cut a length from each of your chosen ribbon. Make one ribbon slightly shorter than the other. To stop fraying cut the tips of the ribbon at an angle. I folded the end of the ribbon and then cut diagonally to get an inverted "V".

Step 4: Sew the layered and looped ribbons to the back of the heart. Take care to only sew through the very centre of the heart shape, as later these stitches will be obscured by the button.

Step 5: Cut a small circle out of your contrasting colour felt. Sew this through the middle of the heart, this will be a little seat for the button.

Step 6: Using a contrasting thread, sew the button onto the small circle of felt through the heart.

Step 7: Sew the brooch pin on the back of the heart shape, again being as accurately close to sewing through the centre of the heart as possible, hiding the exit stitches under the button. This might be faffy and you may need to sew by putting the needle through at an angle. It is best to use the same colour thread as your felt for this bit just in case any thread is visible from the front.

And there you go! A nice prezzy to show your friend or mama you love them. It looks really sweet on a bag or coat!

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